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New Support Group Headlines Week of Ministry!

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Journey to Recovery Begins This Week

Groundbreaking Support Group
Begins Thursday, 6:30 pm at TLC

An ongoing support group sponsored by the Springtown and Gentry churches begins this week at the TLC and touches the needs of members and community friends who: 1) Have a desire to stay clean and sober, 2) Have a hope to rise above the pain and turmoil engendered by the addiction of a loved one, 3) Wish to break the bondage of compulsive behavior, 4) Have a family member or loved one suffering, 5) Live with the struggles of emotional or mental health challenges, or 6) Are powerless over people, places, situations, i.e. terminal illness. Please attend if you feel this group will help. Share with friends who might be in need.

Perhaps This is the Week!

Women's Study Group - This Monday, 11:30 am-1 pm

Perhaps this is the week for you to join Springtown women in Bible study, prayer & fellowship. They'd love for you to join them! Lunch is provided.

Midweek Goes to the Cross

Wednesday, March 23, 7-8 pm

What a fitting study for a few days before Easter! Our Compelling Love of Godstudy looks at the conclusion of The Supreme Sacrifice of Christ (Chapter 9, Question 7+, http://www.compellinglove.org). What a perfect week to join up with your church family for Bible study and prayer. 


ARKLA Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, March 26, 7 pm @ Gentry Church

The Conference officers invite you to a town hall meeting where ARKLA statistics, finances, evangelism, education & CYB will be discussed. Time for Q&A will be offered.