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Be Part of an Unforgettable Sabbath at Springtown!!

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A Few Important Things About Groundbreaking Weekend!

1) Outdoor Church -- We'll enjoy God's Creation with outdoor church in the Pavilion. Adult Sabbath School will be held in the Pavilion. If you're more comfortable, bring a favorite lawn chair! All kids' divisions will meet in their regular Sabbath School rooms. Some kids' divisions may have outdoor activities, so dress your kids accordingly.
2) Picnic Potluck -- This week, bring picnic fare -- sandwiches, salads, veggies, fruit, desserts. Food that doesn't need warming or cooking. We'll enjoy our meal in the glorious setting of the Pavilion.
3) Potluck Volunteers -- We are grateful to the following: Kitchen Prep - Joy Williams, Rosanna Jensen, Janet Bostwick, Joanna Davis. Clean-Up - Rody & Kelley Hosteter, Tom & D’Rae Krein, Ray & Teresa Netzel, Bob & Dee Roberts, Linden & Lucy Winn, Chuck & Janet Bostwick, Aaron & Joanna Davis, Jim & Rosanna Jensen, Jason Hausherr.
4) Groundbreaking at 1:30 pm - After Potluck, we'll proceed to the Sanctuary site (inside the white fence on the porch side of the church) for the Groundbreaking Ceremony. IMPORTANT: Please bring a shovel because EVERYONE gets a part in starting this chapter in Springtown's history. Please bring shovels for kids, too!!
5) Please Pray -- The Groundbreaking Poster you've seen for a few weeks has five words on it -- reBuild, reFresh, reConnect, reCommit & reNew. Our prayer is that Groundbreaking Sabbath is more than a symbolic turning of dirt! Please pray that God will move in a new, fresh way among our Church Family. That while we will build that we will also commit to God's call in our lives. That our connection with our Savior and each other will deepen. May this be our prayer!

Women reConnect Each Monday

Monday, April 4, 11:30 am-1 pm

The Women's Study Group continues to be a fountain or blessings and support for the ladies that enjoy Bible study, fellowship and prayer each week. PLEASE join them. Lunch is provided.

Midweek reFresh Looks at God's Love

Wednesday, April 6, 7-8 pm

The Compelling Love of God study continues with a fascinating look at how Christ connected  with the sinners of His day. We'll be studying the last half of "Jesus Receives Sinners: The Gospel According to His Enemies" (Chapter 10/www.compellinglove.org). Pleases join us for this time of Bible study & prayer.

reCommit to Studying the Bible

Adult Lesson Explores Beginning of Christ's Ministry

Our new quarterly on Matthew continues with the 2nd Lessson called "The Ministry Begins." Grab your quarterly or log onto http://www.ssnet.org and spend some thoughtful time in God's Word looking at John the Baptist, Christ's temptations in the wilderness, and the call of the first disciples. Come Sabbath ready to share your blessings and insights.

A Sunday to reNew

Spring Cleaning Bee -- Sunday, April 10, 8-10 am

Two Springtown Spring Clean-Up projects are on tap for this coming Sunday:
1) Highway Trash Pick-Up: Bring gloves and some sturdy shoes as we clean from the church entrance to the far side of Springtown on Highway 12. A wonderful way to give back to our community.
2) Church Spring Cleaning: We'll have numerous projects for everyone to help with. In a couple hours we'll dig deep and make a difference.
3) Many Hands Needed: Many willing hands are needed to make both projects a success. Thank you, in advance, for your willingness to have fun with your church family!

ARKLA Flood Relief Offering

Conference-Wide on Sabbath, April 9

Elder Steve Orian sent this message to all of us"While the news media has moved on to reporting other stories and events, the losses and pain of literally thousands of Louisiana residents is not over. Flooding caused by the recent heavy rains in both the northern tier and the southeastern part of the State of Louisiana has left more than 6,000 families with major losses, and 3,000 of those without their home. Many are comparing the current disaster and loss in terms of the necessary rebuild to what took place after Hurricane Katrina. I am so thankful for our Disaster Response Team under the leadership of Lavida Whitson who are working with other agencies to relieve the suffering and hunger of those who have lost everything due to the floods. Even as I write this letter, fellow church members are assisting in transporting donated goods - comfort kids, cleaning supplies, and food to the victims of the floodwaters.
This is where we urgently need your help. Our Conference Executive Committee has approved a special offering to be called on Sabbath, April 9, in all of our conference churches. Funds are desperately needed to be able to respond in appropriate ways to meet the emergency needs of those who have suffered losses."

NOTE: Please mark your tithe envelope - ARKLA Flood Relief.

The AR-LA Conference Education Department asked that this new program be shared with members that have home or public high schooled students.