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A Sabbath of Praise
and New Beginnings!

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Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

It is with Praise and Thanksgiving that we break ground this Sabbath (April 9) for our new Sanctuary at Springtown. The words of Nehemiah 2:20 come to mind -- "The God of heaven Himself will prosper us, therefore we His servants will arise and build . . ." As we reBuild, may we also reFresh, reConnect, reCommit and ReNew with our Heavenly Father and each other. 

Kids' Sabbath School Begins at 9:30 am

All Divisions Meet in Their Regular Locations

A big day at Springtown HAS to include time for our kids to learn about Jesus. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the divisions may have outdoor activities, so please dress your kids accordingly. See you at 9:30 am!

Adult Sabbath School Meets in Pavilion

The Blessings of Bible Study Begin at 9:30 am

We're going to celebrate a beautiful Sabbath morning by having Outdoor Sabbath School. If you prefer, bring a lawn chair. Come ready for the cooler morning air. But please, don't miss out on our lesson study entitled "The Ministry Begins." We'll look at John the Baptist, Christ's temptations in the wilderness, and the selection of disciples. Grab your quarterly or log onto http://www.ssnet.org.

A High Sabbath of Praise & Worship

Pastor Cash Looks at "A Safe Place to Grow"

OUTDOOR CHURCH SERVICE BEGINS at 10:45 AM -- With Thankful hearts full of Praise to our Creator-God, we will worship together as a Springtown Family in the Pavilion. Pastor Tony will share his thoughts on a phrase you've seen for some time now -- A Safe Place to Grow. It's been on Facebook and your announcement sheets. They are more than words to Pastor Tony -- they are a call to mission, a call to serve, a call to community. Come one, come all to this special service that will include preaching, prayer, music & celebration!

Picnic Potluck in Pavilion

A Light Feast Awaits Us After Church!

Please stay for a delicious Picnic Potluck. To keep things simple, please bring picnic fare -- salads, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, desserts. Foods that don't need to be heated. It will be simple, but oh, so good! 
THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERSPrep: Joy Williams, Rosanna Jensen, Janet Bostwick, Joanna Davis. Clean-Up: Rody & Kelley Hosteter, Tom & D’Rae Krein, Ray & Teresa Netzel, Bob & Dee Roberts, Linden & Lucy Winn, Chuck & Janet Bostwick, Aaron & Joanna Davis, Jim & Rosanna Jensen, Jason Hausherr. 

Groundbreaking at 1:30 pm

Please Bring a Shovel and Join the Celebration!

As a Springtown Family we will gather inside the white fence on the porch side of the church for the Groundbreaking Ceremony. This brief time of celebration will include singing, prayers, a few short words and then SHOVELS IN THE GROUND! IMPORTANT: This event is truly for the entire church family. Please bring a shovel for everyone in your family. If there are children/grandchildren in your family -- bring a kid-size shovel and let them create a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Springtown Spring Cleaning -- This Sunday

Two Projects -- From Just 8-10 am

Project #1Highway Clean-Up -- WEATHER PERMITTING, we'll pick up trash from the church entrance to the far side of Springtown on Highway 12. Bring gloves and sturdy shoes that can handle a little dew or rain!
Project #2Church Clean-Up -- RAIN OR SHINE, we're going to spend a couple hours doing some deep, Spring cleaning around the church. We can use men & women, young & old on this project.
A Big Turnout: A big turnout will help the time fly and make a huge dent in the projects lined up! Thanks in advance.

If This is Your 1st Outdoor Church...

Please Dress Casual & Comfortable 

We'll be enjoying God's wonderful Outdoors this coming Sabbath. Please dress casual & comfortable. Be mindful of the cooler temps earlier in the morning & be ready for a forecasted high of 71 & sun! If you have a favorite lawn chair . . . bring it along!

....You Haven't Figured it Out By Now!!

We Can't Wait to See You on Sabbath

Sure, we're going to dig shovels in the ground and start our Sanctuary construction. But just in case you haven't figured it out -- having you worship and celebrate with us would be our biggest blessing!

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