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Weddings, Showers and Punctuated Blessings!

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The Punctuated Gospel

Second Sabbath Worship, June 11

Remember English class? Are periods placed inside or outside quotes? Do you know the difference between an endash and emdash? How do you make the name of Jesus possessive? Bryan Yeagley will offer a "punctuated" look at the Gospel -- a fun, interactive look at spiritual reminders in the punctuation marks of the English language. No studying or quizzes involved. Blessing us with your presence is your only assignment!

Second Sabbath Potluck

After Church on Sabbath

Bring your favorite dish (or two or three) and join us for our monthly Potluck. After a week off for Camp Meeting there's no better way to visit and reconnect. KITCHEN PREP: Janet Mize, Wendy Howard, Arlene Christensen & Lou Nash. CLEAN-UP: Larry & Roberta Yeagley, Bobby & Jena Krein, Wes & Lou Nash, Lyman & Mary Williams, Rene Zambrano, Kathy Bokin, Tommy & Marti Cash, Joe & Joann Short, Bill & Nancy Russell. Thanks for your help.

Gospel Ensemble to Practice

Sabbath After Potluck -- Around 1:30 pm

Join the Gospel Ensemble for some good ol' instrument playing and singing to God's glory. Everyone welcome!

Zambrano-Boykin Wedding on Sunday

All Invited -- Sunday, June 12, 9 am

Kathy Boykin and Rene Zambrano invited the Springtown church family to their wedding this coming  Sunday in the Springtown Amphitheater. A brunch reception will follow in the Pavilion. Come celebrate this joyous occasion with these two Springtown friends!

Family Night Begins Wednesday!

Don't Miss -- Wednesday, June 15, 6 pm

Come one. Come all. The first Family Night of the summer is this coming Wednesday evening at the Church. We'll enjoy a delicious supper together and then play some good old outdoor group games. For many, Family Night is a familiar event. If you're new, here's the idea. During the busy summer months we take time as a church family to socialize. We'll eat. Laugh. Play. Visit. Relax. Reconnect. Meet new friends. This evening is for young, old, families, grandparents/grandkids, neighbors & friends. NOTE: Family Night will not meet every week this summer, but we'll have more get-togethers throughout the summer. See you Wednesday night!

Another Netzel Boy's on the Way!

Baby Shower -- Sunday, June 19, 10 am-noon

Come join in the celebration as Jordan & Michelle Netzel await the upcoming birth of their son. The Baby Shower will be held at the home of Cheryl Potter (826 W. University/Siloam Springs). The honored couple is registered at Target and Amazon. Everyone's invited to the festivities!

Adult Lesson This Sabbath

Sabbath, June 11, 9:30 am

Straight out of Matthew 24 & 25, this week's Adult Sabbath School lesson looks Last Day Events. Grab your Bible, Quarterly or log on http://www.ssnet.org and join in the lesson study.

Kids Find Jesus in Sabbath School

Children's Divisions Start at 9:30 am

Moms & dads, Sabbath School begins at 9:30 am each week. Jesus is present each week for your child.