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Fall Round-Up Begins Thursday Evening!

No doubt, you've heard that Fall Round runs from Thursday evening, October 6, through Saturday night, October 8. Please scroll down to see how you can be involved in this annual ministry project!

The Ministry of Presence

Come enjoy supper (5:30 pm), relax and visit with friends, meet someone new, help fill up the Pavilion during each meeting. You'll be fed physically and spiritually. You'll be part of the Round-Up ministry.

The Ministry of Sharing

Invite a friend or co-worker. Share a Facebook post. Call a family member and invited them to attend with you. Send a quick note to someone you haven't seen in church for a while and ask them to sit with you during the meetings. You'll be part of the Round-Up ministry.

The Ministry of Helping

1) Final Work Bee -- Wednesday evening, October 5, 5 pm -- We'll be setting up chairs and putting the last few finishing touches on the Grounds and Facilities. Join us!
2) Kitchen Help -- If you haven't signed up to help in the kitchen or serving food, our many cooks would love to have your Helping Hands!
3) Tear Down -- Sunday, October 9, 8 am -- As the old saying goes, "Many hands make work light."
You'll be part of the Round-Up ministry!

The Ministry of Prayer

Simply pray that God's Spirit will be present in abundance on the Springtown Hill! Make a point to place yourself where His Spirit can touch you, too! You'll be part of the Round-Up Ministry!

The Ministry of Jesus

Elizabeth Talbot will open God's Word four times throughout Round-Up (Thursday-Saturday evenings and Sabbath Church). Each time she will dig deep into the Word to show us how Jesus Wins! Come celebrate that Victory in your life! You'll be part of the Round-Up Ministry.

The Ministry of Song

We'll sing. They'll (Mark 209) sing. The choirs of Heaven will join us in song! If you have friends that love good quartet singing -- bring them to Round-Up. Mark 209 will sing each evening and during a Sabbath 2 pm concert. You'll be part of the Round-Up ministry.