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Christ's Way to Pray Begins Wednesday!

8-Week Series: Begins Wednesday, Nov. 30, 7-8 pm

  Do your prayers seem to bounce off the wall and back into your face? Do you feel as if your petitions barely reach the ceiling before falling back shattered at your feet? How can your puny prayers become prevailing prayers?
  Our new Midweek Series entitled Christ's Way to Pray will use Philip Samaan's book of the same title as a study guide. Dr. Samaan explains (and we'll learn) that the answer to our struggles with prayer is not found in focusing on our prayers or the prayers of others. The real answer is found in joining our weak prayers with Christ's mighty prayers, the Christ who passionately and perpetually prays for us and with us.
  This is a busy time of year. But like Jesus, perhaps when life is busiest we need time in prayer and study. Just one hour! Packed full. Please bring your Bible and join your Springtown family as Pastor Tony leads us through this series.

Women Study Radical Forgiveness

Monday, November 28, 11:30 am-1 pm

The Springtown ladies are working their way through the book Radical Forgiveness and would love for you to join them. They come together every Monday for Bible study, prayer & fellowship. Lunch is provided.

OAA Daughter/Mom Reveal!

If you've been participating in the OAA Dorm Daughter/Secret Mom program, the "Reveal" will be  Sunday, December 4, from 6-7:30 pm in the Youth Center. Please bring your favorite savory or sweet finger foods to share for a fun Christmas meal. And please, don't forget a small gift for your dorm daughter.

Who's Sitting in Your Empty Chair?

A Christmas Eve Prayer Challenge!

We all have someone. They used to attend church. Perhaps they never have. Family. Friends. Spouse. Kids. Between now and our Christmas Eve (December 24) Worship Service, please prayer for your "empty chair." Ask God to use you in filling that chair. 

WANTED: Old(er) Phones

Contact Bryan Yeagley if You Can Help

We're looking to borrow older phones for our December 24 Christmas service. Any and all older phones - crank, rotary dial, push button, old bag cell phones, Motorola Razor, etc. If you have some in the attic or garage that could be used, please contact Bryan Yeagley ASAP at 479-238-3202 or e-mail him at http://2yzegl4@cox.net.

Springtown Online Giving Now Available

Tithes & Offerings from the Convenience of Home

You can now donate your Tithes & Offerings to Springtown online. Here's how it works:
1) Log onto http://www.springtownchurch.org and click on "Online Giving."
2) All first time donors will need to sign up under "Registration."
3) Once registered, "Log In" and you'll see a "tithe envelope" with all of the regular giving options you've become used to seeing in the envelopes at church. 
4) You can give in two ways: a) We prefer Electronic Check/ACH (see explanation given) or b) You can use your credit/debit card.
5) 100% of your donation will go toward the areas you designate. Please Note: If you use a credit/debit card the conference/union will be assessed a service fee.
6) Questions? Please visit with Pastor Tony, Tim Tidwell or Bob Abrahamson.

December 3: Elder Steve Orian

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference President, Steve Orian, will be our guest speaker this coming Sabbath, December 3.