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Important Tacos & Talent Update!

Here's Breaking News on Springtown's New Year's festivities:
WHEN: Supper is served at 6 PM! Saturday, December 31.
WHAT: Delicious, don't-miss taco meal provided by Springtown's Young Adults! Thanks in advance.
MORE WHAT: After a relaxed meal, we'll enjoy "Springtown's Got Talent" -- a fun evening of music, talent and laughter.
EVEN MORE WHAT: After the talent show, please bring your favorite table games and stay by to play games as long as you wish.
WHO: You. Your family. Your Holiday guests. Everyone. Young. Young-at-heart.
WHERE: Springtown, of course!
WHY: 2017!

Sabbath Worship Study

Grab Your Bible & Read Ahead
for Our Sermon Tomorrow!

David Yeagley has shared texts for reading ahead of his sermon titled "The Ministry of Knowing." Mark 5:24-34 & Luke 8:43-48