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He Restores My Soul

Wednesday, February 22, 7-8 pm

So far in our Psalm 23 study the Good Shepherd has filled our needs, led us to green pastures, and placed us beside still waters. This week he restores our souls -- something we all need personally. Something we need corporately as a church family. Please bring your Bible and join us for the study.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This Week's Adult Lesson Study -- February 25

What's the difference between the Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit? How do I get my Gift? What's the purpose of a spiritual gift? There's lots of great study material in this week's lesson. Grab your quarterly or log onto http://www.ssnet.org and join in our Sabbath School discussion.

God's Mentors

Sabbath Worship - February 25

Throughout the Bible and Christian history, God has raised up men and women to mentor young warriors and leaders for Him. Larry Yeagley will reflect on God's Mentors this coming Sabbath for our Worship together.

Sunday Service - Highway Clean-Up

Sunday, February 26, 8 am

Weather permitting, it's time to clean our section of Highway 12 from Fairmount Road through Springtown. A big group will make a good, deep clean possible in short order. Thanks, in advance, for your willingness to help.

A Raw Story of Redemption!

Annie's Story is Unlike Ours,
But What God Did for Her He Does for All of Us!