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A Tale of Two Houses

Sabbath, September 30 -- 10: 45 am

Join us at Springtown for Worship as we look at A Tale of Two Houses. Based out of Matthew 12:43-45, Bryan Yeagley will look at a somewhat obscure parable about a Strongman & a Savior. Who will win your heart's home?

Boasting in the Cross

Final Adult Lesson on Galatians

We wrap up our 13-week look at the book of Galatians this week. Come ready to share your favorite discovery or lesson learned from this quarter's lesson. Grab your quarterly, log onto http://www.ssnet.org, and read Galatians 6:11-18. 

New Romans Quarterly

Please be sure to grab your new Adult Sabbath School quarterly on one of the
hallway tables this Sabbath.

Let the Children Come to Jesus

Kids' Sabbath Schools Begin at 9:30 am

God's Word at Springtown

Sabbath, October 7

Joy Jones

Friday, October 13

Soup Supper & Vespers with Paul/Kase Vunileva

Sabbath, October 14

Second Sabbath with Pastor Paul