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New Beginnings Sabbath Starts 2018

Ron Krueger Leads Communion Service

As the Springtown Family begins a new year, we will Worship, Sing, Serve & Remember. Ron Krueger, D'Rae Krein & Tim Tidwell -- along with all of us -- will take time to reconnect and recommit with each other and our God during Footwashing and Communion. Please commit to being part of this wonderful service.

Do This is Rembrance of Me . . . A Service for All Remembering a Sacrifice for All!

New Lesson on Stewardship Begins

Adult Sabbath Lesson Launches this Sabbath

Grab that new quarterly, log onto http://www.ssnet.org, or even watch the video below to get ready for this Sabbath's inaugural lesson on Stewardship. Don't Have a Quarterly? Be sure to grab one on the hallway tables.

Take just a few minutes to watch
this fun summary of this week's
Adult Sabbath School Lesson!

Taking Down the Decorations

Sunday, January 7, 8:30 am

We won't be dragging the Christmas trees to the curb, but we need to tear down & pack decorations away until next Christmas. It's supposed to be a wet day on Sunday, so head on out and make this chore fun & quick. Thanks.

Steering Committee Meeting

Monday, January 8, 7 pm

Women's Study Group Resumes

Start-up Date: Monday, January 8, 11:30 am-1 pm

After some time off to enjoy the Holidays, the Springtown ladies resume their weekly time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Please bring a sack lunch. Perhaps this is the year to begin enjoying the blessings of fellowship with ladies of the church.

The Challenge of His Sayings

Next Midweek: Wednesday, January 10, 6:30-7:30 pm

Our The Wonder of Jesus series continues with a look at the challenging words of Jesus. We will immerse ourselves in Scripture to look at: 1) On charging for Christian service (Mt. 10:7-8), 2) Radical benevolence (Lk. 12:33), and 3) Regarding forgiveness (Mt. 18:21-22). Be sure to pick up the study chapter on the hallway tables at church. We had a great group last week and would sure love for you to join us!