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Often the Cover Up is Worse Than the Crime

A Sermon by Ron Kruger -- Sabbath, January 20

In Ron's inimitable style, he will delve into crime and cover up as found in Psalm 51:7-12. In preparation for our Sabbath Worship, you have two assignments: 1) Please be sure to join us. Bring a friend.  2) Read Psalm 51:7-12 ahead of Sabbath in your favorite translations and paraphrases. Bring your favorite version along and be ready to share.

Adult Study: God or Mammon?

Adult Sabbath School Begins at 9:30 am

This coming Sabbath we'll enjoy a feature by Chris Willis and then a lively look at our lesson entitled God or Mammon? Grab your quarterly (a few more copies are on the hallway tables) or log onto  http://www.ssnet.org.

Springtown Choir Has Inaugural Practice

Soup Supper/Practice Set for January 26

Last Sabbath the Springtown Men's Group invited ladies to join them in practicing a new song -- How Great Thou Art/Majesty. The group had so much fun that the idea of not letting this "choir" die was infectious. So here's the plan! EVERYONE who loves choir singing -- young, old, male, female, Springtown member or not -- is invited to a Soup Supper/Practice on Friday evening, January 26, 6 pm at Springtown. Will we sing each week for church? Will there be robes? Don't rush things (lol) -- some of our best singers are still trying to figure out what the bass clef is! Just come ready to have fun, sing praises to God & see where the adventure leads us!

Dorm Dudes Sign-Up This Sabbath

OAA Ministry Support Guys in the Dorm

Listen for more details and watch for the sign-up sheet to be part of the Ozark Adventist Academy Dorm Dudes program that matches you up one of the 46 guys in the dorm. During the semester your "dude" will be kept a secret as you support him with small gifts, cookies, etc. There will be a "reveal" social at the end of the program.

Wanda Young Memorial Service

Sabbath, February 3, 3 pm

A Memorial Service for Wanda Young is planned for the Gentry Church. Please keep Ann Willoughby and her entire family in your prayers during this time of loss.

Our Condolences to the Watkins Family

Our sympathy and prayers go out to Jody Watkins and his family on the recent death of his mother. 

Setting Our Hands to a Good Work

Accepting Nehemiah's Challenge!

Faced with rebuilding the crumbling walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah rallied the people of Israel to the task before them. In response, they said, "'Let us rise up and build.' Then they set their hands to this good work." Nehemiah 2:18 Take a moment to read Nehemiah chapters 1-3 and get a sense for how God's people rallied together. As we move forward on our new Sanctuary and progress is more evident each day, please prayerfully keep your hands on this good work. Your faithful and sacrificial giving to our Building Fund is needed. As Nehemiah said in verse 20, "The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build . . ."