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The Tenderness of His Love

Wednesday, January 31, 6:30-7:30 pm

Our Midweek Series on The Wonder of Jesus continues this week with a look at The Tenderness of His Love. Bring your Bible and be ready to learn more about your Savior and what His love means in your life.

Adventurers Meeting

Wednesday, January 31, 6-7:30 pm

A Heart for the Hurting

Sabbath, February 3, with Ron Kruger

Ron Kruger joins us this week and will preach on A Heart for the Hurting based out of Zechariah 7:8-10. Please join us. Invite a friend to join you this Sabbath.

Wanda Young Memorial

This coming Sabbath, February 3,
at 3 pm in the Gentry Church.

Two Suggestions for Saturday Night

Adventurers Ice Skating Party
7-9 pm at Jones Center

All Adventurers, their families, and anyone else from Springtown is invited to skate. No cost. Donations welcome.

Thunder on Sycamore Street
7 pm in OAA Auditorium

Everyone is invited to a play that follows three families one evening as the neighborhood prepares for a confrontation. Arthur Hayes struggles with the mob mentality of his neighbors and with his decision to join them. What will he do? Stay with the mob or defend his neighbor? Come find out. $5 per person, $8 per couple, $15 per family. Tickets at the door.

Things to Keep in Mind

Second Sabbath, February 10

Elder Minner Labrador, Jr., from the Southwestern Union office will be our speaker. Second Sabbath potluck to follow.

Church Social, February 25

Springtown HighMy Senior Year is being planned for the entire Springtown family! We'll celebrate the decades we graduated from high school with a mystery meal, lots of entertainment, and laughs. Come dressed like the year you graduated from high school. There will be child care (pizza & movie) for the kids. NOTE: If you married your high school sweetheart, bring a picture that night or text a copy to bluetexas79@yahoo.com.

A Welcome to Rainey Timms

Sunday, February 4, 4-5:30 pm
Gentry Church Community Room

All are invited to a baby shower for Rainey Paige Timms,
newborn daughter of Derek and Courtney Timms.
They are registered at Wal-Mart.