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Stand Firm: This Year's Fall Round-Up
Theme with Hyveth Williams

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Fall Round-Up Approaching

Guest Speaker: Hyveth Williams from Andrews University

We're excited about this year's Fall Round-Up. Hyveth Williams, professor of homiletics (preaching) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, will be our guest speaker. Our schedule is one evening shorter this year, but we'll still get to hear Ms. Williams four times during the weekend. A few highlights to note:
1) In addition to Sabbath School, kids ages 3-12 will enjoy their own programs/events during adult meetings on Friday night and Sabbath Church/afternoon/evening.
2) Meals are provided as always on Friday night and Saturday breakfast/lunch/supper.
3) The ABC bookmobile will be on sight Friday afternoon and after sundown on Sabbath.
4) There will be plenty of great singing and music.
5) And you can't forget Saturday night's vegeburger sale!
6) Full details found at www.springtownchurch.org.

Women's Study Group

New Series on Women of the Bible

MONDAY, August 25, 11:30 am-1 pm, is the start of a new study series for Springtown ladies. Please join in this time of Bible study, prayer & fellowship. Lunch is provided.

Jeff Pearles Worship Concert Next Sabbath

Saturday, August 30

Jeff Pearles, bass for The Kings Heralds, will join us next Sabbath for a solo worship concert during our church service. Many of you knew Jeff from his time with Palmetto State Quartet and now he anchors the sound of the Adventist Church's beloved Kings Heralds. Jeff loves to share his praises to God through music. Don't miss this uplifting worship service.

Your Helping Hands

What Can We Do Together?

Two draft horses, alone, can pull 8,000 lbs. each. Together, those two horses can pull 24,000 lbs. Like horses, the Springtown family can do amazing things together in God's strength. Consider helping in the following ways:
1) Food Pantry Donations.
2) Box Tops for Education.
3) Worthy Student Change Buckets.
4) Community Fund.
5) Building Fund.
6) Simply saying "YES" to the opportunities God places before you each day!

A Friendly Reminder

Share Those Fall Round-Up Posts

When you get those Facebook posts about Fall Round-Up -- take a moment to share them with your FB friends. If you haven't "liked" Springtown Seventh-Day Adventist Church on FB, please do so right now. Then join in the fun of sharing your church with others.

Real Hope

Midweek Refreshing:
Wednesday, August 27, 7 pm

Our study of the book The Great Hope is getting down to the really good stuff! This week is Chapter 9 entitled Real Hope (chapters 1, 17, 36, 38 & 39 in Great Controversy). A great refresher course for Adventists looking for the soon return our Christ. Come renew your trust and faith in how the story ends!

Two Trips to Consider

ARKLA Panama Trip

November 19-December 1, 2014 to construct a church, conduct 3 evangelism meetings, hold medical clinics & a VBS. Log ontowww.arklacyouth.org for details.

San Antonio Medical Outreach

April 8-10, 2015 to provide free medical, dental & vision services to the underserved in San Antonio, TX. Wide range of medical & non-medical volunteers are needed. log ontowww.bigcitybenevolence.org for details/registration.

A Proposal . . .

The Steering Committee is Proposing . . .

that starting the first weekend of October and going forward that Springtown's sermon be preached from 11-11:30 am. The purpose of thie change is to allow Pastor Cash to preach every week and then go to  Siloam Springs where they are changing their service times to allow him to speak from 12 noon-12:30 pm. This way Pastor Tony can be in both churches every Sabbath. For Springtown one of two things can happen. Either the program times area adjusted so that we end church service at 11:30 am with the sermon or we adjust the service so that the sermon occurs earlier in the program and Pastor Cash leaves for Siloam Springs while other elements of our servcie continue. Both Springtown and Siloam Springs will VOTE on this proposal during their respective announcement periods on September 6. If you have questions on this proposal, please talk with Pastor Cash or one of the Steering Committee members.