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They KNEAD . . . We NEED . . .
at Springtown!

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A Fun Evening Every Kid Kneads to Attend!

Saturday Night, January 24, 6:30 pm

Springtown Kids' Breadmake!

This coming Saturday night is perhaps the most fun event Springtown holds -- especially if you're a kid ages 4-grade 8. The church will be converted into one big bakery. Every child will mix, knead and (eventually) bake their very own loaf of homemade bread. It gets a little messy -- and it wouldn't be fun if it didn't! They'll walk away not only with bread but a love for eating healthy. The event's FREE and open to all kids. ADULTS: Please encourage your child/grandchild to invite cousins, neighborhood friends or classmates. This is a great way for our younger members to share their church with their friends. We need the moms/dads/grandparents to stay by and assist the kids, too! See you Saturday night!

Every Christian Needs
to Know the Answer to
This Question!


This Wednesday evening, January 21, at 7 pm we'll continue our "More About Jesus" study with a Bible-based look at the question "Are You Secure?" or "You Are Part of His Family." Grab your favorite Bible and enjoy a study to strengthen your faith and Friendship with Jesus.

Worshipping Our God
on Sabbath, January 24

Sabbath School -- 9:30 am

Children -- Your children have a standing invitation with Jesus each week during Sabbath School. Through songs, music, stories, games & crafts -- all ages learn about Jesus. Please include them in this life-changing experience.
Adults -- We sing a few songs & are challenged by a short presentation and then dive into God's word. This week Tim Tidwell will lead out in a discussion entitled "Divine Wisdom." We live in a society that rejects absolute truth and balks at anyone or anything that dares tell them what to do! So how do we relate to wisdom & truth? Study your lesson and come ready to join in the discussion.

Worship Service -- 10:35 am

Pastor Tony Cash will be our speaker this coming Sabbath. Join your Springtown family in worshipping our God & Savior!

Heal Me

Excerpts from Chapter 5 in Max Lucado's book, "Before Amen."

"God's goal for you is wholeness."
"Sin and sickness are interlopers, consequences of the same rebellion. But they are cured by the same Redeemer."
"Jesus treated our sickness in the same way he treated our sin. He took it away. He bore it in himself on the cross."
"Sickness and sin still stalk our planet. But here is the difference: neither sin nor sickness will have dominion over God's people."
"He may heal you instantly . . . Or he may heal you gradually . . . Our highest hope, however, is in our ultimate healing. In heaven God will restore our bodies to their intended splendor."
"If Jesus heals you instantly, praise him. If you are still waiting for healing, trust him. Your suffering is your sermon."