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Dealing with Failure

More About Jesus Series -- Wednesday, March 4, 7 pm

Failure is a word that no one likes -- especially when we fail spiritually. Why do we do things we don't want to do & can't seem to do the things we know we should? Our Bible-based, hour-long study will look at How We Deal with Failure and more importantly, reminds us to Leave it to your Friend. Please join us.

Screwtape & Wormwood Visit Springtown

Next Sabbath, March 7, OAA Seniors Present Worship Drama

The classic book on temptation and resistance by C.S. Lewis will be presented in drama and music by the Ozark Adventist Academy Senior Class. In this Christian novel, we see the temptations and failings of humans through the letters of demon Screwtape as he mentors his nephew, Wormwood. All ages will enjoy the message brought to us by this group of young people.

A Beautiful Mission Opportunity

Touching Lives Through Flowers at Flint Creek Senior Housing

Residents of the Flint Creek Senior Housing development were given the opportunity to have Springtown members plant the small flower bed in front of their apartments. Already five residents have requested us to beautify their gardens this Spring. The facilitator of the development believes there will be more.
HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP -- If you and your family would like to "adopt" a resident and their garden, please call Larry Yeagley at 220-9242. Once you're assigned a resident, you'll need to visit them before Spring to get acquainted and learn what kinds of flowers they like. You'll also learn what tools, materials, tops soils, mulch, etc. will be needed. Throughout the growing season, participants may want to visit regularly to water the flowers and visit your new friend. If you choose, expenses incurred can be reimbursed from the community fund as long as receipts are given to Nora.
SPRING WILL BE HERE SOON -- Even though there's still ice on roads & the snow hasn't melted, TODAY is the time to get involved in this fun project. Call Larry today!

Revelation Series Begins Sabbath, March 14

In Two Weeks Pastor Tony Rolls Out New Sermon Series

After the series introduction a couple Sabbaths ago, Pastor Tony will launch the first topical sermon about the Seven Churches for our March Second Sabbath. With a couple wonderful interruptions (stay tuned!), we'll enjoy all seven of the topics on this amazing book. Be sure to read Revelation 1-3 to get ready for the Seven Churches sermon.

Fundraiser for OAA Mission Trip

Saturday, March 7, 6:30 pm

Several families of Ozark Adventist Academy students participating in the upcoming Mission Trip to Costa Rica will hold a fundraiser meal in the Youth Center. Enjoy popusas and donate to help the remaining students make their goal to participate in the March 25-April 6 trip. Thanks!

OAS Constituency Meeting

Sunday, March 15, 5 pm

The entire Springtown family is invited to attend the Ozark Adventist School Constituency Meeting. This important meeting is open to all parents and members of the churches that support our school.

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