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Join us for Worship & a Picnic!

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2nd Sabbath Worship & Picnic

Saturday, September 12, is Full Day at Springtown

Please join us for the blessings & fellowship of a Springtown Second Sabbath:
1) Sabbath School - 9:30 am - From the youngest to the oldest, there are Sabbath Schools for everyone. The adults will be studying about one of the Bible's greatest missionaries -- Paul.
2) Worship Service - 10:45 am - Pastor Tony Cash will be our speaker. His sermon will be centered around Hebrews 4. What is meant by the promise of entering His rest? Come find out!
3) Potluck Picnic - Following Church - EVERYONE is invited to enjoy a picnic potluck in the pavilion. Sabbath promises to be a drop-dead gorgeous day, so bring plenty of picnic food (salads, veggies, fruit, etc) to share. There will be lots of guests for lunch, so please bring plenty of food to share.
4) Gospel Ensemble Practice - 1:30 pm - After potluck, stay by to make some great music with the Gospel Ensemble. Bring your guitar, harmonica, violin or other favorite instrument(s). Everyone is welcome!
5) OUR SPECIAL GUESTS - The young ladies from Ozark Adventist Academy will be on our campus for the weekend. While they will enjoy their own Sabbath School and Worship Service in the pavilion, we will all enjoy our picnic lunch together.

New Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies

New quarterlies for the 4th quarter of 2015 are now available.
As we finish out our lessons on Biblical Missionaries,
we can now look forward to our study on Jeremiah.

Let's Move Final Meeting

Sunday, September 13, 6:30 pm

Everyone who wants to help with Let's move Day on September 20, 10 am-3 pm, should plan to attend the final planning meeting at the Siloam Springs church. We are looking for safety officers (Shield the Vulnerable certified), photographers, and volunteers to help staff activity stations. There's a place for everyone.
WE NEED YOUR HELP . . . the community needs to hear about Let's Move Day. We need help going door-to-door in Siloam Springs this coming week on Thursday and Friday evenings (6-8 pm) and Sabbath afternoon (2:30-5:30 pm). Meet in the Siloam Springs (English) church parking lot to pick up fliers and street assignments. 


A Peek at Next Week

What's Going on Next Week?

Vegeburger Production - Monday, SEPTEMBER 14, 9 am - All ladies invited to make burgers for Fall Round-Up. Meet in the church kitchen.
Ladies Study Group Begins Again - Monday, September 14, 11:30 am-1 pm - "Walking the Walk you Talk" is the title of a new study series that Springtown women will enjoy. Please join them.
Galatians Mid-Week Study - Wednesday, September 16, 7-8 pm - Our study chapter for next week is Galatians 5. Please join us.

Fall Round-Up Nears

Highlights to Note:

1) During four meetings, Dick Stenbakken will portray four Bible characters touched by Jesus. His "Miracles of Jesus" series will captivate all ages.
2) The Kings Heralds will be our musical guests Friday evening and all day Sabbath. In addition to providing music during our evening meetings and worship service, the Heralds will give a Sabbath 3 pm concert.
3) Friday Evening Chili Cook-Off: Supper on Friday night will be provided by Springtown's best chili chefs. That's YOU! Start planning what recipe(s) you want to make and help us entertain and feed our Round-Up guests.

How You Can Help:

1) Grab a stack of promo cards on Sabbath and pass them out to friends. 
2) Plan on helping with the Sunday, September 27, Work Bee. There might be a few other times you can help. Stay tuned!
3) Share Facebook posts. Hundreds of folks are being reached when you share our Facebook posts. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
4) Pray for the promo taking place -- Cards have been mailed, every mailbox & PO box in Gentry will be receiving a mailer, we'll even be "boosting" Facebook posts into our area.